Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed instructions on how to add your LISTING


1.) To advertise your buisiness or product, go to yellow bar at the top of the page  " Advertise with us"
2.) a dropdown menu will appear, now choose "Compare Memberships"
3.) Choose the type of membership that best suites your business.
4.) On the bottom of the particular membership option are two payment options, select monthly or annual. ( Please note that annual memberships give you two months FREE )
5.) Now you are at STEP 1: "Login Details" Here you choose a Username and Password, and provide us with the best email address to reach you in case you need to reset your password.
6.) Now at STEP 2: "Personal Details" This is where you tell us who you as the ad manager are... ( not the business )
7.) Now at STEP 3: " Listing Details" This is all about your business / product or service
8.) Title:  - This is typically the name of your company or service
9.) Logo: This allows you to add a Logo to your listing. ( Please note that if you makea mistake at any point during adding your listing you will need to re attach your logo here )
10.) Primary Category: Here you click on the "little arrow" next to the main category, now a sub category list will appear, if your sub category has a further level there will be another set of "tiny arrows" , once you see the final sub category that best suits your business, simply select the "Radio Button" next to it.
11.) Short Description: This is the text that appears below the name of your company on your listing. Example: Title: John the Plumber Short Description: 24Hr Plumbing Service 7 days a week.
12.) Description: This is where you tell people about your business in more detail... This text shows when you advert is opened. ( Please note that the short Description does not show on the advert when opened, so you must fill in both Short Description and Description. )
13.) Phone Number ( Best Number for clients to call )
14.) Address Line 1: Example: 3640 N. Federal Highway
15.) Address Line 2: Example: Suite B3 #119
16.) Location, Select your Country, then State / Province, then Town or City ( Be as accurate as possible ) - If your location is not listed choose anyone and then contact us with your location request and we will add the location needed.
17.) Zipe Code: ( or also known as postal code in some countries )
18.) Website: ( Use - format please )
19.) Email: ( This email address is hidden from the public ) Use the email address where you want every enquiry to go to.
20.) Social media pages: Here you only put the wording AFTER the / on your page address
21.) Now click on NEXT on the right bottom of the page to proceed to " Terms"
22.) On our "Terms" Page we basically are just asking you to follow our guidlines etc, and to be a good online citizen, read fine print for all the details. Please note there are no hidden fees or agendas.
23.) Fill in the Security code: ( This shows us that you are a human and not a robot )
24.) Now Click on the yellow SUBMIT button and proceed to check out...

    NEED ANY ASSISTANCE please use our Contact Us page.